Future Hot Cake in E-sports? Cross-platform VPS Game ‘V of War’ Embraces the Possibilities
Nov. 21,2017

This is an era of e-sports. There are already billions of users and audiences who are interested in e-sports in game industry. In 2015, E-sports is classified and listed as the 78th sport by General Administration of Sport of China. We shall now consider E-sport, or playing games a reasonable sport for our brain now. Thanks to the popularity of ‘League of Legend’, ‘DOTA’ and ‘Arena of Valor’ in China, even the masses somewhat have heard about the e-sport events. What’s more, the huge industry chain behind the term e-sports could be a guarantee of vitality and business potential of e-sports.

Regarding the rise of former e-sports, a hot cake in game is needed. And then it brings a vast of active users as well as DAU, finally the E-sports competition would come to operation. So in this very early stage, why we tag this VR game ‘V of War’ as an e-sport game?

Because there are three characteristics in an e-sports game: ①Fairness and competitiveness; ②User volume; ③Worth watching, while ‘V of War’ is a cross-platform VPS e-sports game. In general, the simple standard of equipment could be used to solve the fairness needed for e-sport games; the cross-platform solution is for enlarging the user volume; VPS characteristics guarantee its worth watching. Below is the explanation.

First of all, it’s a VR game with simple device requirement, only one standard is needed thus it guarantees the fairness and competitiveness. When we say this is an e-sports game, we need to know the lowest equipment level as well as the standard for judgment. Take VR FPS game as an example, motion-sensitive vest or treadmill could all be used as the peripheral, but not everyone got these equipment. ‘V of War’ just want to keep it simple and enable a wider range of acceptance of standard. Players would only need a PC and a headset to join the VR game and become part of the e-sport competition. In the future, more VR platforms would be added and same standard could be applied on those headsets as well. In this way, players could be able to concentrate on their strategy and technique with fairness, and while players are practicing to better performance, here comes the competitiveness.

Secondly, it’s a cross-platform game which supports PC and VR players join a round together. Given the fact that PC users are huge, we could imagine a substantially rise in VR user volume. Considering the operation under VR headset is totally different from the mouse and keyboard, when ‘V of WAR’ from NINED VR put PC and VR users together, they are endowed with different kind of skills, and no one would find the operation uncomfortable. What’s more, the setting of enabling two platforms users play together would expose VR more to the PC players. As the ‘V of War’ and the VR industry develops, more PC players would become VR players, the need for user volume could be solved.

Thirdly, it’s a VPS game, and it is born to be worth watching. ‘VPS’, meaning ‘VR-FPS’, is raised by ‘V of War’ for its critical difference to common FPS. The very difference is the emancipation of the view and the action. In this way, players would head front while shooting to left. The raise of the new concept is to remind gamers a brand new strategy shall be applied to this new type of game, audience would also find it interesting to watch because it’s not that familiar operations in FPS. As VR is always that eye-catching, when we live stream of the competition, the audiences could see the actual actions and the in-game pictures of the player, not a game live streaming today could make it that innovative and entertaining.


We can now say ‘V of War’ is born for e-sports. In current VR market, we need a ‘hot cake’ game to open the market, and e-sport contribute of ‘V of War’ and the popularity of e-sports nowadays could work together to turn ‘V of War’ into a hot game. The future would be a future with VR games, we do believe in potential of VR, and potential of ‘V of War’. Now is the best chance, ‘V of War’ would like to be the pioneer of VR e-sports, and we welcome you to join us!

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