Cross-platform VR Game ‘V OF WAR’:Turn PC users into VR users
Oct. 17,2017

As we all know, in the old day, exclusive games have long-dominated the game market. The cliché that applied in game industry is that console platforms paid the high price to turn good games into exclusive ones, sold users with their own console, made these users stay and kept raising games on platform then more users would come. Among these exclusive games, there are some excellent games, such as Nintendo's Mario series. Exclusive games largely determine which console users would get, because users tend to get one console instead of all.

Take advantage of Expanding, VR finds its way out
In the previous console market, despite the users do not like the exclusive cliché, it is still an effective way for consoles to get more market share. As time goes, the number and quality of players within a console platform could efficiently support the necessary revenue for those exclusive games, and more players would come in order to play exclusive games. It was never a bad idea for making more good exclusive games.
While in VR market, everything is new. Markets are very immature and not enough constant users could be located, it lacks the essential requirements for an exclusive game to prosper. The way out is to break the walls between platforms. In this level, the acquiring of maximum users is the key target of VR content producers. Well, as you might notice, fewer and fewer VR games would claim they are exclusive, more games would like to tag themselves as cross-platform. For instance, all the new VR game from Ubisoft, Oculus’s <EVE: Valkyrie> which was exclusive either, all supported cross-platform already. These VR games and platforms will no longer be limited in competing inside their small patch of land. User experience itself becomes the core competitiveness, and the manufacturers and the platforms burst great vitality by striving to improve the experience for users. When users are happy, then there are more users; when user numbers soar, the whole industry could be prosperous.

Turn PC users into VR
PC platform is never an exclusive platform, the open attributes has accumulated a lot of mature players for PC. These players are open, tolerant and more likely to accept new concepts. PC is where VR initially begins. In VR, the external headset created a new virtual reality world for the players. However, nowadays VR is still at the primary stage and there are not enough users. Turns out that Click Z’s survey shows, the main reason why users haven’t tried VR yet is because of lack of VR exposure. Base on the enormous mature PC users, how to take advantage of the open attribute of PC platform to increase VR exposure, and then transform PC users into VR are the big issues to VR’s future.

The Forerunner of VR Revolution—V OF WAR
Under this chaotic VR environment, in order to save costs, most of the CPs will try to transform a PC games into VR games. However, we should acknowledge that PC and VR are based on the different operation and perception patterns. For content provider, they should design different operation modes which could fit in different platforms, then organically integrate the operation modes into gameplay. Once PC players are impressed by the game experience, all the PC users are the potential VR users and can be transferred.

This is a revolution. We need a well-designed game which carefully consider the differences between VR and PC to maximize user experiences in each platforms. What’s more, this game shall play a positive role in displaying VR to PC players thus expand the VR player pool. ‘V of WAR’ was born for this destiny. ‘V of War’, developed by NINED R&D team, is of epoch-making significance that organically break down the barriers within the platforms and hardware. The future of VR is so bright and promising, and we need this kind of pioneer.
*V of War: an upcoming next-gen PC x VR cross-platform first person shooter game. And the cross-platform and E-sport will be two most distinct features of the game.

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