NinedVR Starts A New Era of VR E-Sport Cross Platform

The ChinaJoy 2017 has come to a successful end in ShangHai, China last month. During the exhibition, in addition to the big companies such as Sony, Ubisoft as always catching the eyeballs, we can also see a number of up-rising stars, among them, the E-sports competition held by NinedVR is extremely eye-catching.

Different from the previous 4+1 VR cross platform game mode, NinedVR has joined the independent research and development mysterious new product into the 2VR + 3PC vs 2VR + 3PC confrontation mode competition. Each team has five members, three of them with the mouse and keyboard to control the computer as a secondary, two others were using the treadmill, magic carpet as the main battle force. After a fierce competition, Foshan team“Gang Lords” finally won the match and gained $50,000 as reward!

NinedVR E-sports, as the world's first supported unlimited online platform for the integration of VR competitive, with the carrier of the treadmill and Nined’s independently research and development AAA FPS game V OF WAR, which lets the competitor complete combat missions in the virtual world. In VR platform, Players can experience an excellent sense of immersion, and has a real sense of gun battle in the virtual life. In PC platform, the advantage for the players are they can get rid of the physical shackles, move faster and also can be easier to kill the enemy than in PC. Furthermore, V of War equips with top VR devices so that players can have a super clear and smooth VR experience. And the self-developed NDX platform and stable servers are the solid support to maintain the game running. 

Recently, NinedVR rises tens of millions in series A funding, which will be used to take root in VR E-sport commercial solution. As the leader in VR industry, NinedVR always can seize the opportunity among a dozen competitors. VR cross platform E-sport has enriched the form of E-sports and break the limitation of single-competition. Players who are restricted by the VR device can join the game via PC, and for VR users also improve their gaming experience. At the same time, cross-platform E-sport competition also bring more inspiration and thinking in VR application area, along with promoting the enrichment of VR industry and the prosperity of the industry.

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