NinedVR Enterprise Raises Tens of Millions in Series A Funding Led by GOMO Partners

Beijing, Aug.31, 2017—NinedVR, the leading VR product developer who focus on VR technology research and development, announced in July.5 that a Series A investment of tens of millions led by mobile apps developers GOMO Partners. The financing will be used to take root in VR E-sport commercial solution.


On the investors side, GOMO is very confident with his investee. NinedVR has rapidly developed a leadership position in the large and fast-growing VR market. As an Chinese local VR Enterprise, NinedVR is not only on a sustainable footing in domestic market, but also set up its unique layout in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East. This cooperation is a big opportunity for both sides to realize the linkage between online and offline, software and hardware.

Founded in 2014 in China, When both domestic and international markets are excited about Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus, Mr. LiangYingTao, the CEO of NinedVR spotted an opportunity in VR offline entertainment industry. He proposed a VR commercial solution model to explore the new pattern of VR market.

“Currently, VR game market is still in its start-up stage, cause of its high technical barriers, user scale and lack of user viscosity, it has not yet explored an effective profit model, ” said Mr. Liang, CEO of NinedVR. “ VR equipment, contents and business models are at a critical point, which will usher in a big outbreak, but before that, what our VR enterprises can do is expanding the VR user base and enhancing user stickiness on the basis of the development of VR industry.”


About NinedVR
Guangzhou NINED Digital Technology Co., Ltd. abbr NinedVR, is an innovative high-tech company focusing on the development and application of virtual reality technology. Found in 2014, NinedVR has established a partnership with many domestic and international VR companies including Intel, Nvidia. It has excellent high-end technology R&D lab, VR content studio, hardware production base and brand operation team. Currently, NinedVR has more than 3,500 VR offline stores spreading in more than 60 countries in the world. It is the leader of VR offline commercial franchisees. For more information, visit

About GOMO
Sungy Mobile Limited(Nasdaq:GOMO)found in 2003, is the world's leading mobile app developer and also the number one partner of Facebook in the world. It has a deep accumulation in mobile Internet and dozens of software products that users covering the global. It is committed to build up a multi-dimensional mobile Internet software service industry chain gathering platform.

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