Wow, Here Comes The King!The Final of V of War Competition

  Since Chinajoy starts, NINED has been attracting a lot of players. Except for our cooperation plans with Ubisoft and ZQgame, the most exciting thing is the WVA V of War VR contest! And now it comes to the final round.


  In this VR cross-platform contest, we put forward a specially-made game product, and adopted 2VR+3PC vs 2VR+3PC game mode. In this way the VR weighs more in the competition, so it’s sure that the competition and the user experience would be incredibly different!


  Pre-contest Summer Party


  Crowds of our Venue

  Only the brave ones stays.

  When the war starts, there’s no end.

  The best four teams would strive their best for winner, for the king of shooting.


  Brave girl fights


  2 Teams are fighting each other


  Gunfire is everywhere.

  Team V for Fame won Team LEDAO by 141:87

  Crowds are very interested in the next contest.

  Team E-game beat Team CTS by 60: 39

  Together with Team V for Fame

  Become the final two teams.


  Final Contest


  The CTS team captured the bronze


  Final war, here comes the king.

  In the last round, Team V for Fame beat the other team by 84: 48

  Becomes the champion.

  It means that WVA 2017 V of War contest comes to an end.


  Team E-game becomes the Silver


  Champion, V for FAME

  The contest ends, but the pace to E-sports would not.

  Let’s wait and see what can we make.

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