SEMI-FINAL! NINED is the best eye-catcher in China Joy

  If there were no VR e-sports,

  The world is just like a merry-go-round without light.


  On July 27th, ChinaJoy brings a grand party for game industry and global players. In the meantime, witnessed by the globe, WVA 2017 V of War e-sports contest became the key attraction in the hall.


  Even though Shanghai is hot then,

  Bad weather cannot stop the enthusiasm of audiences.

  They want to see the latest and best products of the game world.


  The cross-platform battle is based on a NINED-made new game product, with the 2VR+3PC mechanism, enabling the VR to play a more important role.

  It requires the player to be more flexible in operation when face emergency.



  After quite a few battles, PC players cooperate with their VR teammates finally find a good way to play in a team. The audiences are attracted by their performances.

  15 rounds ends, 4 best teams stand out.


  NINED, as the very pioneer of cross-platform e-sports content provider, believes that cross-platform e-sports would become the trend.


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