How To Have A Chicken Dinner In VR? Black Shark Studio Ready To Talk


V of War, a Super Cross Platform E-sports VR games developed by NINED’s Black Shark Studio will debut in Shanghai ChinaJoy 3rd August to 6th August 4 days. There is an original concept in V of War that VR and PC could play in same battlefield synchronously. A asymmetrical design between VR and PC that they play different roles here. VR players are mecha while PC players are soldiers.


The first impression of this design you might think mecha must be much more powerful than human, if these two encounter, for human, is no way to live. However, this is actually the fun of the game in V of War. Base on this asymmetrical design, mecha is vested with powerful weapon but heavy body while human soldier is weaker but agile and specializes in the use of weapons. There will have more demand for strategies and team cooperation here which will bring more fun and competitive in game.


V of War Super Cross Platform E-sports is a show of the conception of creativity in game industry which also attracts the attention of multinational companies such as AWS, Sony China etc.. Before, NINED has planned to carry out more innovation in areas such as AI, Big Data Analysis, and game engine base on the AWS services, and will also use Twitch to run global game operation activities.


In this year’s Super Cross Platform E-sports Competition in Shanghai ChinaJoy, NINED has received sponsorship from XIESHOU Technology who provided their best computer configuration Intel core i7-8700k CPU with Geforce GTX 1080ti graphic cards, letting players have a extremely “immersive” feeling in the E-sports competition. So, the feast is get ready, what are you waiting for!

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