Rely On VR x PC Game Concept, V of War Gets Best Game Development Technology Award

As Super-Cross-Platform concept effectively connect different terminal players together,V of War brings players both VR and PC with excellent gaming experience. This breakthrough subverts the pattern of traditional game and enables players to happily enjoy game together in VR and PC world.


Hosted by famous game industry leader Perfect World, V of War broke through the difficulties in virtual reality technology, defeated many excellent Chinese game candidates and finally won the Golden Award of Best Game Development Technology in China's Young Generation Creative Game Competition.


V of War, a VR and PC cross platform battle royale game, for keeping game balance, the development team took good use of the idea of asymmetrical game design and focused on the setting of “Encouraged Fight”. Small maps, more battles, different growth paths design between mecha and human successfully increased the game fun and brought more intensively competition in game.


So, a mecha with high defense, high heath but easy to be found, and a soldier has lower combat but agile, which one do you prefer?

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