V of War VR Battle Royale Bring Impacts In Shanghai ChinaJoy

V of War-A Super Cross Platform Battle Royale game developed by NINED’s Black Shark Studio will early show in Shanghai ChinaJoy 2018. In V of War, PC and VR fight together. PCs play the role as soldier, they are looting for weapon, arming themselves to fight while sometimes they will meet giant enemies. Just the opposite, VR players are those who control mecha, they are powerful but heavy, they are the slayer invading battlefield.

In battle royale genre game, if we normally put VR and PC player together, due to the limitation of practical operation, VR players are in a relative disadvantage situation. Most of time VR players are miserable. No matter how hard they try, they can't catch up with the speed of mouse and keyboard. Under this circumstance, VR players could hardly enjoy the pleasure of playing the game. However, in V of War, this situation changes. VR player are given the role as mecha, which is heavy, easy operation and power. In some respect, VR is powerful than PC. So how to keep game balance will be the next key point to consider for V of War development team.


Actually, there are some significant difference between V of War super cross platform battle royale and classic battle royale mode. In V of War, for the VR, mecha is strong but with small quantity; for the PC, soldier has large number than mecha, they are agile and easy to hide. Thus, the difference between the two is obvious. In spite of this, the relationship between mecha and soldier or we can say VR and PC,, are co-dependent. The growth of VR player will definitely squeezing the living space of PC players, while if PC player want to upgrade, they need to kill VR players to get more resources points.


In V of War, cause there is no airdrop setting, so for PC players, VR mecha is the airdrop here. Players can get the rare resources by killing mecha; While, for VR players, the vehicles, vending machine are the keys for them. By destroying the vehicles and vending machine, VR player will get upgrading materials which can enhance the combat skill in the battle.

VR player has high health, high defense, meanwhile, high risk to be attacked cause this target is too big to be found. On the other hand, PC players are flexible and easy to conceal, but their moving speed and ability to avoid obstacles are far lower than VR players. Therefore, the PC in game has a weapon prop specifically targeted at the mecha's high health and high defense, while the mecha also has the accessory prop targeted at the PC's flexible feature.  So, no matter PC or VR players, both of them need to cope with various challenges in the game through continuous collection and hunting, taking good advantage of different terrain shelter and using strategies.


Different role positioning between PC and VR players, which means the specific operational and in game strategy are also different. If it is you, which side you prefer to play? Let’t me know your answer!

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