Hide or Fight? Your Guide To Be The Last-Man-Standing In V of War

You might find all the friend around have started to play battle royale game. Never has a “Chicken Dinner” been so important in a game. They strive for it, but most time it is hard to obtain the honor. We all know “a chicken dinner” is never an easy task, the only way to get one is that you need to be the last, at any cost. In case you are relatively new in V of War, I would like to show you some guide about how to be the last-man-standing in this game.


Vending Machine-Turn Resource Into Combat


In V of War, You might find a machine that looks similar to a vending machine, and yes, that's an important strategic item exchanging machine in game. Expect for the similar look, its function is similar as well-spending a certain amount of resources point to exchange the needed items or better gears.


The resource points that can be exchanged for good items is achieved by defeating opponent. In addition, as the player's living time added, the resource point will naturally increase slowly. So, comparing with other battle royale game, these data not only can push you up to the rank but also can be a helping hand in combat. For both VR players and PC players, this is always a hot spot of great military importance where they can upgrade and strengthen themselves. So here, we might fill our mind with visions and ideas about the ambush and counterattack. So before exchange the items, players must be careful, in case being ambushed by others.

 Jet Ski-A Helpful Watercraft For Earning A Life

A good vehicle in battle, not only could help player get rid of the poisoning circle in battle royale mode but also play an important role in attacking and defending if the occasion should arise. V of War battle royale battlefield, is a big map contains different terrain like mountain, sea, jungle etc.. So it normally encounters the situation that player need to cross river or sea for living while the safe area is shrinking. Swimming is always not the best choice in this situation cause its slow speed, also if you meet enemies when you are in the water it would be very passive to fight. So here, a Jet Ski will show its importance. A good watercraft will turn passivity into the initiative so as to change the battle situation. 


Trees -Find The Best Shelter

Talk about the function of the trees in V of War, except for enriching the scenes,trees also play a very important role in the game-to act as the shelter. In V of War, there are abundant trees, and different types of trees have varying trunk thickness, leaves densities and shadows. If the tiebreaker circle is in the wild area, whether you could be the last or not sometimes depends on  you choose a good tree.


Anyway, there are a lot of tips while playing V of War, but the practice is the only pathway to become professional. So, come to join us in Chinajoy, welcome to experience our Super Cross Platform V of War in E4/S251!

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