V of War, VR Battle Royale Genre Game Coming to ChinaJoy

2017 was the year of battle royale. After the popularity of PUBG and Fortnite, it finally burst into the mainstream genre game and attracted millions of players. In 2018, battle royale game has grown into its major year and there are many same kinds of battle royale type game coming to the market while most of them only change the maps, graphic. Many players need some fresh air here, so Black Shark Studio-a game studio from NINED, bring a whole new way of battle royale-VR battle royale E-sports in Shanghai ChinaJoy 2018. How could you miss it?


VR Battle Royale?

Battle Royale genre game,  which is so popular all over the world, has a large number of loyal players no matter on mobile or on PC client. Except sitting in front of the computer or lying on a comfy couch to play the game, there is another way-more exciting way to play battle royale game. That is VR battle royale. With VR equipment, it will bring players a stronger immersion feeling in the battle field. When they control mech in VR and be the last-man-standing, they will have more sense of accomplishment.


Diversity, Super-Cross Platform

VR battle royale, an innovation of Battle Royale E-sport. The future of E-sports won’t be limited to the competition among PCs or Mobiles. The VR, PC, Mobile, will finally integrate into one platform and compete in the same stage. And the VR battle royale developed by NINED’s Black Shark Studio which is about to show in ChinaJoy, will break the terminal barrier, and bring a super cross-platform competition at that time.


VR, PC or Mobile?

In the game, VR players and PC, mobile players perform their respective roles. VR player focus on the operation of mecha; while PC player and mobile player are adept in weapons. With unique role positioning, players will have more fun and more competitive in game.


Control Mecha, Unlock Special Skill

In V of War, VR players drive mecha, get upgrading resources by destroying vehicles, vending machines, and killing. Furthermore, mecha can advance its skills by upgrading certain equipment also. While for PC players, they play the role as soldier. They pick up weapons to arm themselves, or exchange some good stuffs by killing others to get the accumulative points. The different role setting between mecha and soldier would enrich the in-game strategy than normal battle royale games.


In addition, the new maps, different characters, exclusive skills, special loadout, abundant PVP modes, make the game become more competitive. If you want to know more about the VR battle royale skill, keep eyes on our page, we will show you more!

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